Huron Bay Log and Beam - Scam Artist walked away from job after being paid

Columbus, New Mexico 0 comments

Sign contract lied to us about work done what the did do have to be redone crooked walls cheapest material shoddy workmanship .refused to finish the job .

Refuse to go to arbertration which they requisted in the contract. lost arb. refused to pay settlement . went to court they refused to defend themselves.

The court found in our favor and ordered payment . The have been hiding for two years refusing to pay. Three Lawyers , $30,000. and countless court appearences and have not seen a single cent from them .

Run as fast as you can from these crooks....They will lie and cheat you out of every penny they can Joel will pass himself off as the owner when in fact the builders lic. is in his wifes name .

She will dodge your calls and lie to your face Mess up the job and then walk away .The courts will do you no good .When they are arrested they will post bond pay a fine and refuse to pay any court ordered settlement..

Review about: Undone Work.

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